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OK, but how does that work? Let me explain how I can help you:


Systemise & Digitise

Knowledge transfer and integration

From paper to digital, from static to interactive!

The most critical part of the process is gathering and documenting all existing information/materials, formal and informal knowledge from your staff, subject matter experts, stakeholders, managers and senior-level leaders.

Sometimes this process is short and straightforward. Other times this needs to be revisited and worked on throughout the project in parallel with other deliverables.

But let's not exclude our learners.  The learning is for them, so let's get to know them. To identify learner's needs, motivation and attitudes in general, I recommend and use surveys, workshops, early focus groups and interviews. This way, your learners feel that they are part of the process; furthermore, this will help promote learning and create genuine interest amongst staff.

By understanding your current technological readiness or limitations, I choose and advise using the most appropriate learning outputs and technologies to ensure the ability to change, replace, and update existing online courses' learning assets as requirements often grow and change frequently.

This comprehensive approach helps to identify the best process to take when designing learning programs. This stage consists of meetings, workshops, ideation and brainstorming. You cannot avoid mixing it with the overall strategy and change management planning.

Certifications: Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University through edX.


Plan & Design

Instructional, Visual and Technical

From ideation, brainstorming to mapping and diagramming.

This stage is about extracting and documenting ideas, developing storyboards, instructional scripts and wireframing learner journeys. This is best achieved by using various collaboration tools (my favourite is miro.com).

When designing and planning for learning experiences, instructional, visual and technical design streams should work side by side.

Instructionally, I design learning experiences keeping in mind an overall view of global curriculum objectives and measurable outcomes. It's all about timing, length and scaffolding content. I tend to avoid over-fragmenting, dumbing down the content or making education into info/edutainment. I use proven diagnostic methodologies, information mapping techniques and curriculum development processes to scope individual modules. If appropriate, I use branching action/scenario-based and storytelling techniques utilising various ID frameworks (BLOOM, Gagnè's).

My approach to visual design as consistency and simplicity. Imagination stimulating graphics, videos, interactions, effective implementation of learner interface and user experience design are crucial factors in an online learning environment. I try to present the visuals in a way that is simple for end-users to follow, avoiding over the top 'eye-candy'.

Finally, the technical design considerations makes sure the final learning output is compatible, scalable, responsive and all-inclusive for various learning environments (online, classroom or blended) and digital platforms.


Develop & Implement

Development & Delivery

From paper to digital, from static to interactive!

As much as I love throwing around ideas, being outrageously creative or proposing 'disruptive' ideas, the reality is that the process and the end result has to match the technological landscape (your LMS, for example), agreed timeframes, and budgets.

Remember that instructional, visual and technical design streams should work side by side? The decisions made earlier regarding technology, authoring tools, software, LMS, frameworks - so now its time to put all ideas into practice.

Firstly, the detailed instructional scripts need to be developed and written based on high level scoping documents or storyboards also to ensure that the learning outcomes and requirements match the overall solution.

Once the scripts are signed off by the client, the production phase begins.

I utilise the latest web technologies and use various eLearning desktop or web-based tools and software, such as Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline 360, Rise, Adapt, Gomo, Evolve, iSpring, VideoScribe, Rocketium, EdgeAnimate, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, KnowledgePresenter, edX Studio.

What follows is an agreed output of SCORM online modules and assessments. They may include interactive visual aids, video explainers and other multimedia. For the blended learning option, I may also develop off-line training materials such as Quick Guides, KitCards, User Manuals, Train-the-Trainer materials, etc.

This stage is heavily depended on multiple QA/Review rounds. Debugging, testing, managing and uploading learning artefacts to LMS or any other system or portal - all this needs a systematic approach, effective methodology and the right tools.

Certifications: Set up Google Analytics for a single page website, Coursera.


Pilot & Manage

Projects, Teams and Vendors

Let's involve every department - Comms, Change and HR - right from the start!

The final phase in the learning and development process is the strategic promotion and launch of your learning program.

Involving your learners in the learning creation process early, usually proves to be more effective uptake, rather than out of the blue announcements or invitation emails to 'login to our LMS".

In some cases, rather than releasing a large training programme all at once, it is advisable to run early pilot focus groups, gather feedback and continually evaluate the effectiveness, communicate findings and propose corrective actions.

I can help develop high-level comms approach plans making sure instructional design and content principles are applied to communications design materials and sync with overall learning objectives.

I can also assist in managing various stages of planning, designing and developing your learning programme.

Typically, project managers are not directly involved in actual project work. However, I found that the ability to jump in and help out makes a big difference. I have a proven track record in successfully managing projects (from research and design to implementation) and managing designer and programmer teams.

Certifications: Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management, University of Virginia (Coursera).

Sarunas' combination of skills, including graphical and instructional design, was superb for our needs. He also has an excellent knowledge of the tools he employs, as well as trends within the fast-moving eLearning industry

Gerald Keating e-Learning Manager, Family & Community Services NSW

Showcase of my work

16+ years of worldwide experience | 200+ projects completed

OSCE CBM's Video Explainer

OSCE cyber/ICT Security Confidence-Building Measures explainer.

Review Video Vignette

Short video recap about the 'Vienna Document' and its key focus.

Advanced Learning Company

ALC Website

Website designed for the Advanced Learning Company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Advanced Learning World

ALW Website

Website designed for the Advanced Learning World educational company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

United Nations TIR Convention

UNECE eTIR Website

Drupal website designed and developed for the United Nations TIR Convention (eTIR) - the global customs transit system.

Induction Program

Limited demo of the OSCE Security Management System online course.

Learning Interaction Example

Custom Articulate Storyline 360 interaction.

Learning Interaction Example

Custom Articulate Storyline 360 interaction

Abbreviation/Glossary App

Data driven abbreviation application.

Data Visualization App

Interactive 'knowledge explorer' application presenting complex cargo types and categories.

Interactive Explainer

Global shipping routes learning interaction for Clarksons, UK.

Fun Pretest Quiz

Assessment for the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, Australia

Knowledge Gaps Assessment

Shipbroking knowledge 'gap test' assessment for Clarksons, UK.

Ship Types & Sizes

Interactive eLearning module about maritime history, ship sizes and types for Clarksons, UK.

Impress slide presentation

Where does the chair come form? Induction to cargo materials.

SharePoint Training

SharePoint 2010 software simulations for DDLS, Australia.

Scenario-Based Assessment

Shipbroking e-mail scenario based assessment for Clarksons Professional Development.

Active Opps (AOM)

Interactive module about about Measuring Work and Resources for AOMi, UK.

Active Operations Management (AOM™)

Interactive module about basic concepts and perspectives in operations management for AOMi, UK.

Keep Them Safe Induction

Learning program for the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, Australia.

SAP Training

Training simulation module for IngramMicro, Australia.

An expert and dedicated eLearning developer, he produced consistently high-quality work, both from an instructional and graphic design perspective.

Catherine Scutt Head of Learning Technology and Innovation at GDSTt

Client badge board

Here are some of the more recent of 50+ companies I worked for

Industry knowledge:

Corporate/Banking/Finance 35% Complete (success)
Government/Educational 20% Complete (warning)
Mining, Retail, Shipping, 20% Complete (warning)
Pharmaceutical 10% Complete (danger)
  • Clarksons
  • Maveric, UK
  • Twofour
  • NEST
  • KPMG
  • AOMI
  • WorleyParsons
  • OSCE
  • lionco
  • Jascots
  • dell

Sarunas has an excellent understanding of adult learning principles and how these relate to the e-learning context;

Martin Swan, Senior Project Officer eLearning


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Sarunas produced great work in a challenging work environment and to very tight deadlines. His work culminated in the production of quality ELearning materials...

Nick Shepherd, Dell Skills Transfer Lead for Hamad Medical Corporation

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